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We try to advise SMEs in order to reduce costs and improve automation of business processes, replacing proprietary software licenses with open source and eco-friendly technologies.

Spring projects:

Distributed Applications in Cloud with Java Spring
Scheduling Tasks
Building a RESTful Web Service with Spring Boot Actuator
Integrating Data
Using WebSocket to build an interactive web application
Accessing data with MySQL
Creating a Multi Module Project, etc.


This goal requires a transition period for companies in order to migrate to new technologies (replacing operating systems, databases, mail server, network, etc.), development of new features for free applications and integration of all the internal flows of documents and information.
We set up a virtual network cloud business principle. Each SME can join the network benefiting from advantages such as infrastructure, information on financial-economic activity of enterprises and direct marketing.


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Our values

Mission: Our goal is to inspire a business ecosystem in which access to resources is made in a transparent manner, the social responsibility of companies translates into a right relationship with tax authorities and involves campaigns, volunteering, sponsorships for sustainable development.


Vision: A sustainable development of the economy that takes into account the needs of future generations, focusing on developing green technologies and create pervasive cyber mechanisms that signal by feed-back loops missbehaviour in conducting business and any environment abuse.



  • E-mail Marketing (Mail Chimp);
  • Search Engines Optimization (SEO): choosing appropriate keywords for indexing, site indexing in the main search engines, SEO campaign, designing the site-map;
  • Social Media (Facebook, LinkedIn, ResearchGate, Twiter, etc);
  • Web pages visibility analysis and site traffic analysis (Google Analytics);
  • Designing, publishing and interpreting online survey data (Survey Monkey, Lime Survey or Google Forms).


  • Extract-Transform-Load Applications(ETL) - from TXT, CSV, XML, JSON to Database and vice-versa
  • Automation scripting in Perl & Bash for logging and reporting services
  • Custom Object Relational Mapping(ORM) or Hibernate(JBoss/Spring)
  • Business Process Management tools(BPM) and integration platforms(Mule)


  • Web design using Bootstrap, AngularJs and PHP
  • Database design and optimizations - MySQL, MariaDb and more
  • Android mobile applications



International Conference on Economic Sciences and Business Administration

San Francisco

Review of Applied Socio-Economic Research


X Window System for COSMOS


Open source MySQL Browser for Windows


Institutul Central de Cercetare Stiintifica


Simpozion National USH 2011


Journal of Economic Development, Environment and People


Centrul de studii si Mobilitati Europene


Annals of Spiru Haret University. Economic Series




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